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Stroud Film Festival 2024 at Trinity Rooms

Experience Culture and Community Through Film at the Trinity Rooms. Transport your senses through food, film, and inspiring conversation at the Stroud Film Festival at Trinity this March (and February). Highlights include the following can't miss events:

  • The Gravedigger's Wife - Savour Somali cuisine then see this visually stunning drama celebrating Djiboutian culture.

  • Unreflected Reflections - Learn the unheard history of Gloucester's Muslim community through two locally-made documentaries and friendship café delicacies.

  • Wisdom of Trauma - Gain perspective into societal issues of illness and addiction from renowned thought leader, Dr. Gabor Maté.

  • Black Dog Way - Witness marginalisation in our own community via this urgent documentary on people without homes in Gloucester.

  • Ruthless Times - Songs of Care - A darkly humorous musical revelation of elder care workers fighting commoditisation of our most vulnerable.

  • Smoke Sauna Sisterhood - Partake in women's healing traditions from Estonia in this intimate and emotionally powerful event.

Join meaningful cultural exchange and timely conversations through the power of film here at Trinity Rooms . Discover community, compassion, and pathways for change at these not-to-miss festival screenings.

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