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Help Trinity Grow

We have BIG PLANS for the Trinity Rooms!
Help us buy and renovate this historic building and turn it into a centre that enriches the lives of everyone in our community.


Trinity Rooms is a Community Led Initiative

Our goal is to raise £200,000 to purchase the Trinity Rooms from Holy Trinity Church before the end of 2027. Acquiring this space will allow us to sustain long-term community programming and activities. Taking ownership of Trinity Rooms also means taking responsibility for necessary upgrades like insulating the building, replacing the aging heating system, and demolishing dilapidated outbuildings to make room for expanded facilities.


Remodelling the interior will enable discrete use of each area. We envision spaces like therapy rooms, a dedicated food hub, and flexible areas for classes, meetings and gatherings.


While £200,000 specifically covers the purchase cost, additional fundraising and planning are underway for essential renovations and improvements. We are currently developing detailed plans and budgets for upgrades like green energy systems, accessible entrances, modernised kitchen facilities, and more. Our vision is to transform Trinity Rooms into a vibrant community asset for generations to come.

Fundraising to buy

TRINITY ROOMS is a place for










How we want to grow Trinity Community Hub


Phase One

The Kitchen

Whilst we are working on raising money to purchase the building, the Church have agreed to let us re-model the kitchen, knocking it through into the disused washroom to create a large teaching kitchen with enough space for two groups to use. A properly equipped kitchen means we can offer cooking sessions, and groups using the hall will be able to cook a meal. A larger kitchen will also mean there is more space for our Friday Café volunteers to help create a wider selection of meals and for us to feed more than one sitting of customers – In the summer of 2023 we knocked down walls and expanded the kitchen to become double in size. With blod, sweat and a lot of determination our building group finished the job and in the first week of September we could inaugurate our new kitchen. 

Help us build

Offers of practical help are also very welcome! If you have a skill we could use, and could donate your time for free, we’d love to hear from you.


Become a member of Stroud Earth Community

Help us build our community and become a member of Stroud Earth Community. We run and develop Stroud Trinity Rooms. 
Join our next AGM as a member on November 2024 at Trinity Rooms.

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